Golden Age Starman.

Ted Knight, the original Starman, is naturally a "must" for any JSA collection. He was one of the first I wanted to do because in my mind at least, he was going to be pretty easy.

I took a Star Trek Cheron head and modified it for the fin on top and the round ear coverings. Then I cast it. Dave McCormick painted the head.

The red jumpsuit is a simple China made repro as are the boots and the shorts. I made the yellow belt myself out of a flexible vinyl and threaded it through a Playing Mantis Action Jackson (WW2) Holster. I then painted the holster since it wasn't quite the color that I wanted.

The green cape was something I actually sewed myself. Nothing real fancy, just useable, but I'm proud of it.

The star on his chest is actually a China Made Captain America star which is normally silver in color. Those emblems are die cut so with their "peel and stick" nature....they are easy to use. I painted the star yellow and glued it on for good measure.

Lastly, the Cosmic Rod. (Don't laugh Dave!) No, I'm not kidding....that's what it's called. I used part of a paint brush and added some sculpey to make the rod. Not really the best, but certainly better than nothing.

In the end, Starman was a bit more work than I thought he would be, but well worth it. I'm not absolutely wild about the head and there are better heads out there (like Troy Youngers), but I created the head so that counts for something unique in my book anyway. I may upgrade the head someday, but for now, this will work!

Updated (4/16/2012): I swapped out the old head for the Troy Younger head, complete with Dave McCormick paintjob. Let's face it. My attempt at sculpting wasn't bad when there was no other option, but with a professional sculptor on the job (Troy), why not take advantage of it? MUCH better interpretation, isn't it?

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