Lt. Sulu.

I credit Hikaru Sulu with actually getting me into the custom Mego hobby. As an adult Mego collector, he was the first custom idea that I had.....even before Flash and Green Lantern. Unlike Flash and GL, he just seemed too easy not to make with the only real work being the head and a good shirt.

The Playmates Trek heads are of various quality and while I don't particularly like the Chekov head, the Sulu head is a very nice likeness to George Takei. So that's the head I went with for Sulu.

Dave McCormick shrank the Playmates Sulu head, added the neck stem and sent it to me for casting. I cast it and sent it back to Dave who painted it for me and as usual, he did a great job of it!

The rest was pretty easy and if I can do this one, anyone can. All you need is an Original Trek body, Trek Pants, Trek shirt (with minor sleeve modification), belt, phaser, communicator and tricorder. Most of that can be put together from your Mego junkbox (although I'll brag and tell you all mine is minty!).

As an adult collector wanting a custom Sulu and Chekov someday, I looked off and on for awhile to find 2 good Kirk shirts. When I finally found them, I put them safely away until the day came...which actually was a few years later. Hard to believe that I hung onto loose Kirk shirts that long and kept them nice with foil emblems. But sometimes good things come to those who wait.

So, this shirt IS a minty Original Kirk shirt with 2 rank bars per sleeve removed. That strips Sulu down to the rank of Lieutenant (1 bar per sleeve) and now makes him probably the most Mego like custom that I have!

An all around great looking custom!

SuluSulu Sulu