Star Trek: The Next Generation.

This project started with Dave McCormick saying how cool it would be to have a Trek TNG custom set. After having worked with Dave on various projects (Firestorm, Vader, Sulu, Chekov, etc.) I knew we could pull it off somehow. It shouldn't be THAT hard, right? Well, at long last my set is complete and while it was trying at times, it was very well worth it! To be honest, this started out being more for Dave than myself. I told him I'd work the heads, but didn't start off with alot of interest in having a set for myself. Not that I wasn't a TNG fan, because I was. It just seemed like alot of work to have a set for myself. But as I started working the heads and started seeing how cool they were turning out...I changed my mind and just had to have a set!

Dave busted his piggy bank to find all the heads. Some he bought in figure lots off e-bay and others he traded for. We appreciate the assistance from those who helped us find the heads we needed. All the heads came from the Playmates 9" figure line which means each head had to be shrunk with the old Acetone trick. The initial shrinks ruined a Data and Picard, but Dave bought new heads and kept playing until he got the shrinks to be the right size. The heads were done in no particular order, just as we got them. Worf and Crusher posed unique problems since they had rooted hair. Dave pulled their hair and asked James Brady to help us out by sculpting hair on them. La Forge gave me problems with his visor, but he was a breeze compared to casting Crusher and Troi. In the end, we got all the heads looking right and fairly accurate (except for possibly Troi).

Dave offered up his painting services to me on these heads and considering I have trouble painting a wall, I took him up on it! As usual, his work was amazing! From eyeballs to women's makeup, Dave seems to do a good job on it all and I'm quite happy with the end results.

The suits were designed by Cory Wood (over in the UK) and e-mailed to Dave. Cory had previously designed our Firestorm suit and we just knew he'd be the guy to ask for help with the suits. The male suits were made in red and yellow and the female suits were made in blue. Cory did a great job designing them and then Dave had them screen printed onto black "licra like" material. Dave was nice enough to sew up a set of 7 suits for me and in the case of Crusher, even made an extra blue coat! Overall, the suits turned out really nice. To lower our cost of printing and material, we had extra suits printed up. These extra suits helped offset some of our costs and also provided some other TNG fans with suits for their own customs.

Lastly, James Brady added the final touch...the emblems! I'm not sure of their origin, but they are very Trek like in their shape and size. A dab of superglue to affix the emblems and the set was complete! (I should also thanks James for the help on Worf and Crusher and the sash for Worf as well. Without James' assistance, we would have had some real problems on these!)

The picture below is courtesy of Dave, it's a picture of his crew. The 7 figures alone are pretty cool, but as a set they are even better. Overall, it was a very worthwhile project!

TNG Crew