Darth Vader.

This custom fell together pretty easily with the help of Dave McCormick. I had planned on doing one at some point, but he was really on the backburner until Dave gave me a friendly nudge to get the head done.

The head was converted from a Pez dispenser and was given a Mego neck plug. He was cast by me and as usual painted by Dave (though I'm pretty untalented, I probably could have painted this one if I'd tried!).

The body is from a Mego CHiPs figure and the boots are original Klingon boots. The jumpsuit is a black repro jumpsuit and the belt is a repro Mugato belt, slilghtly modified (Dave designed little blocks for the belt and the chest piece and I made up emblems to stick to them.)

The custom wouldn't be what it is without Dave's sewing talents and he designed the cape, under robes, vinyl chest armor and cuffs.

I should note that I have an unlit lightsaber for mine, but I think he looks better without it. Dave used a neon colored painbrush plus custom handle for a lit saber which looks pretty good. I just prefer mine giving the dark side staredown without the saber.

All in all, this is one mean looking Mego! I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley, that's for sure! One of my favorites to date!

Darth Vader Darth Vader Darth Vader