Lieutenant Commander Worf.

Worf (played by Michael Dorn) was always one of my favorite TNG characters. Being a Klingon in Starfleet set him apart like no other and the personal crossover stories with the Klingon Empire were always really good. The personal episodes of Troi, Geordi, Riker, etc generaly sucked when compared to the Worf stories. Nothing thrilled me more (after the end of TNG) than when Worf joined the crew of Deep Space Nine and we got to see a few more seasons of him (before DS9 ended)!

This Worf custom is probably one of my two favorite TNG customs. It was one of the more difficult to make which simply made it that much sweeter! The Playmates head had rooted hair which Dave removed before shrinking the head. After the shrink, Dave sent it to James Brady who sculpted on the hair. After the hair was sculpted, I got involved and cast the head. As usual, Dave painted it.

The rest was fairly straight forward. He was built on a hybrid body (an Original Mego Trek body plus Dr. Mego repro African American arms). The Klingon sash and emblem came from James.

I suppose he wasn't THAT difficult on my part, but I know the shrink and hair sculpting made it more difficult to James and Dave. The end result though was VERY worth it and this is truly one of the best of the TNGs!

Worf Worf Worf