For Sale

This page is meant to be a starting point for my Mego items that are for sale. There are 2 main links at this time: Original Mego items (and similar vintage knockoffs) and China Made Mego Repros (courtesy of Dr. Mego).

Availability of items on this list vary so please don't automatically assume that I still have something which you see may be gone already, so please ask. (I do keep a good stock of China Repros though!) Also, if you are looking for something that you don't see here....please ask and I'll look through my boxes. I've got tons of stuff and just can't get around to listing everything I have.

Lastly, I try to use First Class shipping whenever possible. Generally, if I have to ship a Mego body, I'll go with Priority Mail which is always your option anyway. I tend to ship items quickly (within 48 hours of payment) so I'm not hanging onto your cash while you wait and wonder.


Original Mego (and knockoffs)
China Made Repros