Painted Heads's taken awhile, but I've finally gotten this page set up. I've got to send a big THANKS to Dave McCormick for letting me use his pictures...I appreciate it. This page, at least in the beginning stages, is a close clone to Dave's old webpage with the same pictures. Alas, Dave is moving into his golden years and passed the resin head page to me.

So, this page is a tribute to many of the resin things (mostly heads) that Dave and I worked on together at one time or another. I've done alot of casting and Dave's done alot of painting (and a bit of casting of his own!) and we've had alot fun with it. Enjoy and feel free to give me a yell if you have any questions, comments, etc. Remember: just because Mego didn't make it, doesn't mean you can't!

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Heroes and Villains

Diver4 Heads (8" Scale)

Space 1999

Various Heads

Star Trek: The Original Series

Star Trek: Captain Dunsel Sculpts

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine