Original Megos For Sale

This page is meant to list Original Mego (and knockoffs) that are for sale. Availability of items on this list vary so please don't automatically assume that I still have something which you see may be gone already, so please ask. Also, if you are looking for something that you don't see here....please ask and I'll look through my boxes. I've got tons of stuff and just can't get around to listing everything I have. Please note: This page is really just a sampling of the kinds of things I may have or had at one time. This is always grossly out of date, LOL!




Mego T2 FEMALE Bodies $12 (no cracks or breaks, had tight knees too!)
Mego T2 Bodies $12 ( supply varies; might have 1 slight flaw)
Mego T2 Trek Bodies $12 (good overall condition...near mint)
Mego T2 CHiPs Bodies $12 (black hands...great for customs)
LJN T2 Body with Swivel Biceps $12 (caucasian or African-American)
Mego T2 Bodies $9 (cracked feet, scuffed chest, repro knees, etc)

Joker Brown Shoes $11 (1 slightly faded, so the color match is just barely off)
Joker Brown Shoes $14 (really nice!)
Penguin Black Shoes $10 (really nice!)

Star Trek Blue Weapon set $15 (belt, phaser and comm - NICE!)
Star Trek Blue Weapon set $14 (belt, phaser and comm with scratch)
Star Trek Blue Weapon set $12 (all 3 parts have flaw - ASK!)
Star Trek Black Weapon BELT $6 (nice belt, no flaws)
Star Trek Tricorder $15 (Nice!)
Star Trek Tricorder $14 (very, VERY slight cracks near base strap...GREAT display piece)
Star Trek Tricorder $12 (deep crack in strap near base, but should be great when displayed)
Star Trek Tricorder $10 (snapped in two at top...fixable)
Star Trek Black Pants $7 (Nice!)
Star Trek T2 Body $12 (Nice!)

King Arthur head $7 (brown hair has rubs, but still nice)
King Arthur Shoes $9 (brown Robin shoes, 1 nice, 1 not...Ask!)

CHiPs Black Belt with Gun and Club $14 (Very Nice, almost mint!)
CHiPs Boots (Black) $8 (light scuffs)
CHiPs Boots (Black) $10 (Minty!)
CHiPs Boots (Black) $5 (with Deep Scuffs & Dents)
CHiPs Sarge Head $9 (Very Near Mint with good color!)
CHiPs Sunglasses $7 (near Mint!)
CHiPs Emblem Set $5 (Original, does not include Sarge's stripes)
CHiPs Sarge's Stripes $5 (Original; hard to find loose)
CHiPs Watch $4
CHiPs Helmet $3 (Pretty nice with minimal paint loss)
CHiPs Helmet $5 (Minty!)
CHiPs Pants and Shirt $7 (Minty!)
CHiPs Body with Black Hands $12

Richie Cunningham head $4 (plenty of hair rubs)
Richie Cunningham shirt $4 (near mint)
Richie Cunningham blue letterman sweater $4 (J is coming off)
Potsie head $4 (minor rubs and bluish spot on throat)
Potsie Off-white shirt $4 (really nice...Fonzie style shirt)
Potsie dark blue pants $3 (faded light purple on backs of legs)
Potsie dark blue pants $5 (pretty good color, but could use slight laundering)
Potsie blue letterman jacket $6 (really nice)
Ralph head $6 (nice)
Ralph white sweater and yellow vest $8 (near mint)
Ralph navy blue pants with original elastic waistband $5
Fonzie head $4 (brown hair, NICE)
Fonzie white shirt $5 (nice and white)
Fonzie denim pants $5 (pretty nice)
Fonzie boots $5 (same as Dukes)

Oz Wicked Witch Dress $5 NICE!
Oz Scarecrow Pants and Shirt $6 Nice!

Waltons JohnBoy Pants with Suspenders $5
Waltons JohnBoy Shirt $4 (red & blue)
Waltons Black Female shoes $6 per pair
Waltons Heads $4-6 depending on condition (Ask!)

Mr. F Gloves $3 (both gloves rough with bite mark like indentions)

Hutch Yellow Shirt $5 (nice)
Hutch Tan Vest $5 (nice)

Bo Duke Pants with belt $4
Luke Duke Pants with belt $5 (variant pants)

Loose LJN SWAT Hondo Complete with Hat $20
Loose LJN SWAT Street Complete with Hat $20
Loose LJN SWAT Luca Complete with Hat $25 (rubs to head)
Loose LJN SWAT Deacon Complete with Hat $20
Loose LJN SWAT McCabe Complete with Hat $20

Loose LJN Rookie Mike Complete with Black Tie $20
Loose LJN Rookie Terry Complete with Black Tie $20
Loose LJN Rookie Willie Complete with Black Tie $20


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