Golden Orion.

"They say no man can resist them."

There's a long story to be told on this one, but I feel compelled to tell it since "Goldie" is the cornerstone of my website theme. Besides, I kinda feel like giving you something to read since this custom is more picture intensive than any other custom I've got and it may take longer to load all the pictures.

As a child watching Star Trek with my brother, I can stil recall the episode "The Menagerie". I may not have been old enough to understand all the concepts, but I knew for sure that Susan Oliver was VERY attractive....even to me as a young boy. Slap some green makeup on her and indulge Captain Pike in an Orion fantasy and you've got the makings of a great episode!

Flash forward now to my adult Mego collecting and my particular fondness for Mego Trek. (The only Mego's I had as a kid were WGSH or POTA at all! I knew kids who had others, but me and Blake (my brother) were more into Trek than anything.) As I started collecting Megos as an adult, I met James Brady online (I'm guessing around 2000-2001).

I recall talking to James about possibly customizing Treks like Sulu, Chekov, Chapel and an Orion. My idea at the time was to use an Uhura head and paint it green, so the black hair could still be used. I also figured to just paint Uhura's body green. I was so new to the whole Mego scene at the time that I didn't even know there was a Wizard of Oz line and a green Wicked Witch body just waiting to be used for an Orion.

The biggest problem potentially was the black hair required for an Orion. There are few original Mego heads with black hair (Catwoman, Isis, Wonder Woman) and those that do exist can be expensive if in good condition. Re-rooting hair was beyond me (and still is today) and female resin heads were not really available (though now that IS a possibility).

James and I talked off and on through the years until he showed me his custom made "Golden Orion". I think she was just called "Orion" and I'm not sure where the term "Golden Orion" came from unless it was my admiration for her beauty as I'd never seen a custom quite like her. James had taken a Wicked Witch head, kept the long black hair and had modified and repainted her and given her new clothes as well. She was based roughly on Vina from the episode "Menagerie". She remained on display on James website (check my links page for that) until James sculpted and released the Orion Marta in April 2003.

Upon Marta's release to the Mego community, Goldie was relegated to James' old toybox, a bygone relic like Jesse in Toy Story 2. While I loved the new custom Marta, I still had a fondness (ok, maybe a fixation) with Goldie. I asked James if the old webpage was still available somewhere for viewing (ok, perhaps I begged, I'm not sure now), but James did still have a tribute page (or perhaps made one for me).

The next month (May 2003) was moving along and I'd strung together several bad days in a row. I wasn't an overly happy Mego collector after a couple rough e-bay experiences and last minute losses due to the dang snipers!

Upon returning home from work, I found I had a package waiting for me from James. I hadn't heard from James in several weeks and we had no pending trades, so I couldn't imagine what the package could be. To my surprise, he had delivered this Golden Orion to me!!

James had scrapped her and used her parts for Marta, but still managed to put her back together with talent and ingenuity. The right arm was broken at the elbow, so James glued it to be permanently straight (that's why the arm is straight in all pictures!). Both hands were missing because James had used them for Marta. He scalped the hands off a T2 body, whittled down the hands to pins and then popped them into the empty holes at the end of the arms. A dab of green paint and she was coming together. He modified the head a bit more to smooth out the face (James tells me she was rough in the face) and then sewed a new outfit for her as well. The face includes black paint painted sideburns and bangs, red lipstick, gold painted on earrings, and blue eyeshadow along with newly painted eyes!

James' hand idea was a great one and this gave me the idea that I would use for other Orions as well. Let's face it, Orion's ooze sexuality, but those boney, hairy Wicked Witch hands just kill the fantasy! So I began casting these hands and using them myself. They are, of course, good for other customs as well since then can easily be painted any color and because they turn in the socket, there is no risk of chipping at the joint (there is no joint to bend!).

Although I have had the parts to upgrade her again (elbow and hands) I have not done so. To me, the kindness and work that James put into her deserves to remain untouched...unupgraded. So here she is.....just as James sent her to me!

In the end, I consider this the prize to my custom collection. No, I did no work on her at all. She was a gift, pure and simple. But the thoughtfullness and generosity is what Mego collecting is all about for me and I've met and worked with some great people who I now consider great friends!

Thanks to James for the great gift and enjoy the pictures of this truly One of a Kind Captain Dunsel Creation!

Susan Oliver as VinaSusan Oliver as Vina Susan Oliver as Vina Susan Oliver as Vina Susan Oliver as Vina Susan Oliver as Vina James Brady's Original Golden Orion Goldie Goldie Goldie

Goldie Goldie GoldieGoldieGoldie Goldie Goldienew hands vs. Wicked Witch handsThe Transformation