Picture of Me

Rich Marinaccio

a.k.a. "cephalo"

804 Donnelly Ave.
Columbia, MO 65203
(573) 874-9205


Seeking a position as Designer/Programmer -or- a contract that allows me to stay at my job.

Salary Requirements:

To leave my current job and relocate I would need at least 45k a year, for a short contract that allows me to stay at my job, I’d like around 14 bucks an hour.

Technical Skills:

Languages: C/C++, assembly language, C#, Python
Platforms/API’s: Win32, Windows GDI, MFC, DirectX, .NET.

Employment History:

City of Columbia – Water & Light Department.

Electronic Data Specialist. 2/2000 – present.
In my current job, I maintain an automatic meter reading database for our largest commercial electric customers. I program meters that continually collect usage data that is read over telephone lines. We use this data for auditing purposes and to assist our customers in using their electricity more efficiently. I do like my job here and the people I work with are wonderful, but I have to say it’s not really my passion. It’s just comfortable.

Connecticut Surety Group.

Computer Programmer. 10/1998 – 12/1999.
The IT department in this company consisted of me, the employee, and my two bosses who hated each other’s guts. The over-boss who hired me did so to bolster his standing relative to the other sub-boss, who was the only one of the two who actually knew how the company’s in-house, custom made data system worked. I was just happy to have a programming job and to be able to show my stuff, but if I became friendly with one boss, the other became suspicious of my motives. Tough as that was, it was my first non-menial job, and it marked a considerable improvement in my standard of living. After a year my department moved to Connecticut, and I decided not to make the move with them.

University of Missouri – Columbia.

Custodian. 4/1994 – 9/1998.
Here I cleaned a large, old building on the university campus. Imagine working at Hogwarts, from the Harry Potter series, late at night. As custodians are apt to do, I became so intimately familiar with the layout of this large building that, like a phantom, I could disappear, and then instantly reappear in any other part of the building at will. I thought that was cool, but I sensed the other people who worked in the building were mildly disconcerted. Not even Albus Dumbledore could find a custodian who doesn’t want to be found. That can only be accomplished by a much more experienced custodian, as once a custodian attains the level of supervisor, they are said to acquire X-ray vision that enables them to see through walls. I have found this to be true.

Birth – 4/1994

Various menial jobs, pizza places, car wash, temp jobs etc. Think of a job you really wouldn’t want to do, and I’ve done it. Would you like fries with that? I learned in these years how to get my hands dirty if necessary. Yes, I can work 14 hour days. In fact, I once made onion rings for 18 hours in one day.


I have always been primarily interested in computer games, from the industry’s very beginnings (since Pong actually). I have always enjoyed programming computers as well.

When I get the time to sit down and read, I tend to prefer history books rather than fiction. I really love the way history comes unpackaged. When I read fiction, I tend to overanalyze it and find problems with continuity. History, while not always accurate, is always believable. There is a realism there that is very difficult to match in fiction. History is messy and organic, rather than geometric. A guy can conquer a huge empire, marshal all of its resources in order to march into Palestine and liberate the holy land, only to end the entire operation by drowning in waist deep water along the route. If someone were to make such a movie, people would demand their money back! “What! That’s the END?” Ha ha! I love it!


Dan Stokes – Director of Electric Distribution – City of Columbia – Water & Light
573-874-6221 DFS@GoColumbiaMO.com

Terry Spry – Meter Repair Shop Supervisor – City of Columbia – Water & Light
573-874-6270 TLSPRY@GoColumbiaMO.com

Morgan Long – Meter Reading Supervisor – City of Columbia – Water & Light
573-874-6218 MCLong@GoColumbiaMO.com


None. Now that there’s Wikipedia, ha ha on everyone who spent money on an education. Uh…Hi, you’ve arrived at the weakest part of this résumé. I would direct you to… any part of this résumé but here. Hey, have you seen my portfolio?