My oldest grandson, Kaleb, for whom I wrote the first 'Suzie Slither' story nineteen years ago, recently rescued this pretty little snake from an attack by a mother wren. The small bird was protecting her nest of eggs.

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Suzie Slither's Silly Supper!

Suddenly Suzie woke, very hungry, After all, she had not eaten anything in more than a week! She slithered down to the barn, where she knew she could always find mice in the hayloft. Suzie didn't know about the barn owl who now sat high on the rafters watching the whole barn. Owls love to eat little snakes!

Suzie Slither

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Suzie Slither's Slippery Slide!

Suzie's third winter on the farm was rapidly approaching. She could feel the air turning cooler, and she knew she would soon have to find a cozy place to hibernate, to sleep during the long, cold winter. However, Suzie was not in a hurry to hide herself away. First, she wanted to have some fun, and see how the other animals were preparing for winter. So, Suzie set out on a new adventure through the woods to the frog pond.

Suzie Slither

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